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Challenge yourself with this awesome body-weight training tool that was designed by a Navy Seal. We offer a wide variety of classes for beginners just starting on their fitness programs to advanced elite athletes at our studio. 

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Welcome to You But Better fitness studio where we specialize in TRX and functional training. Sign up to one of our classes today and become a BETTER YOU!


Group TRX Class

Welcome to the only TRX Studio in Montreal. We invite you to explore and learn more about our TRX group fitness classes.


Private Training

Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in Montreal, I have helped my clients safely and effectively get into shape since 1995. My personalized training regime will make you feel fit, healthy and happy in no time!

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I'm Barry, Conditioning / Life Coach specializing in TRX and functional training. This has been my life's passion and I have been coaching full-time for 15 plus years. I will teach you the ability to drop the L in Learning so you will be Earning the right to use and manipulate your weight which is key to your strength core training.


As a Life Coach I will help you find the blind spots (obstacles) in your life. We will work together to manage your thoughts and emotions to get your desired results. 

Through both types of coaching, we will work together on making the easy circumstances difficult, so that when difficulties arise they will seem easy.

I see your potential when you may not.

It’s all about you, but better.

Life Coach
TRX certified coach - Black level
TRX group training
TRX private training
TRX sports medicine training
TRX functional training
ViPR certified
YMCA personal trainer
CPR certified


Becky, Montreal Canada

Barry is a one-of-a-kind trainer. He knows how to find the balance between listening to his clients and pushing them to achieve greater things. Above all else, he is as flexible as can be. As a first time mom to a now 6-month old, Barry’s strength lies in the fact that he is able to mold our weekly workouts into what they are based on the timing and location I have available to me, as well as based on whether or not I have my baby joining the workout. He is able to adapt the workouts with a moment’s notice and makes them fun and unique every week. We never do the same thing twice, which is something I value highly. I feel stronger, more confident and excited about working out, with Barry as my coach.

Lezile, Montreal Canada

Barry has been my TRX trainer for over 6 years "since 2017". He has been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals through major life milestones. Before our wedding, my husband and I trained with Barry so we would look and feel our best. He provided tailored one-on-one training during each of my pregnancies. At Mom & Baby, he held my tired little one so I could finish one more push-up. Barry is the most dedicated, supportive trainer you will find. You But Better studio is an inviting space where Barry puts his heart and soul into making it a real oasis in the city. It is not to be missed!

Chole, France

Après un accident de voiture, une rupture amoureuse et une rééducation difficile, j’ai rencontré Barry par hasard et j’ai décidé de m’entraîner avec lui 2h par semaine. 

Mon but était de me re-sentir bien dans mon corps et dans ma tête.

Le résultat a été magique, ma silhouette c’est affinée, j’ai repris de la force physiquement et mentalement, et surtout j’ai compris que le corps était une machine incroyable. 

Je vous recommande Barry à 3000% pour sa gentillesse, son suivi, ses écoutes, et son coaching de TRX qui s’est adapté à l’infini. Chaque cours est différent avec des thèmes differents. 

Aujourd’hui je suis une femme plus forte, et je réalise mes rêves les plus fous! 

Tout est possible dans la vie et Barry vous donne les clés pour vous réaliser. 

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