I'm Barry, Conditioning / Transition Coach specializing in TRX and functional training. This has been my life's passion and I have been coaching full-time for 15 plus years. I will teach you the ability to drop the L in Learning so you will be Earning the right to use and manipulate your weight which is key to your strength core training.


As a Transitional Coach I will help you find the blind spots (obstacles) in your life. We will work together to manage your thoughts and emotions to get your desired results. 

Through both types of coaching, we will work together on making the easy circumstances difficult, so that when difficulties arise they will seem easy.

I see your potential when you may not.

It’s all about you, but better.

Life and Transition Coach
TRX certified coach - Black level
TRX group training
TRX private training
TRX sports medicine training
TRX functional training
ViPR certified
YMCA personal trainer
CPR certified


How I Can

Help You

As a transition coach, I like to think that I am the white lines on your road. I can help you identify roadblocks and you'll learn how to remove, avoid or work with them....
Transition Coaching
1 hr
Price varies